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Carpooling to university open days

Feb 19, 2018, by Tom

Getting to university open days, near and far, may seem like a mission, especially if you live in a rural area, don’t drive or simply can’t afford the train fare. Here are six great reasons why you should choose to car-share to university open days.


  • You’ll be making your life easier by avoiding public transport. The rail network in the UK gets more and more expensive and a cross country ticket could empty your bank account! National coach networks, whilst undercutting train operators on price, are slow and fail to reach rural areas. Pairing both of these factors with the fact that they do not provide you with a door-to-door service means you need to organise how to get to and from stations which could leave you out in the cold, literally. The last thing you want to do is get drenched before you’ve even got to the university.


  • You’ll cut your costs in half... or more. Travelling by road can be a costly affair if you’re travelling alone but if you pair up with someone else visiting the same open day you can split the costs. It is important to remember that the law prevents you from making a profit from car-sharing, but splitting the fuel and taking into account any reasonable car maintenance costs you’ll be saving yourself a fair amount of cash.


  • You get to share the experience of an open day with someone in your position. It’s great taking mum or dad with you and getting their opinion, but if you travel with someone looking at the university through the same eyes as you they will share their opinions and feelings about the day. The journey home could be just as valuable as the open day itself. Not to mention that you have someone other than just mum or dad to talk to in the car, you can share music and better yet, you can share snacks.


  • You get the opportunity to make a new friend. If you share your car to an open day you meet a new person who could end up at the same university as you. That means you could spend the next three years car-sharing and saving, in the long term, thousands of pounds in fuel and car maintenance. You’ll also have a pre-made friend when you make the move to university!


  • You could be helping someone who isn’t quite as fortunate as you. Your mum might be up for driving you two hundred miles to visit an open day in Durham or Sheffield or wherever, she only works part time, and dad does well enough that the petrol costs aren’t a worry. But, the sad fact is other people are not fortunate, maybe their parents can’t drive, they can’t afford a car or maybe, they just can’t get the time off work. If you opted to share you’d be doing such a good deed.


  • You do your bit for the environment! It’s the cliché reason to car-share, but it's valid nonetheless. If you’re travelling in two cars you’re creating double the carbon emissions, if you share, you’ll be halving that. You also reduce the amount of cars on the road, meaning there’s less traffic, improving traffic flow, reducing noise pollution and risk to wildlife, doesn’t that make you feel good?


takeme2uni is a free, voluntary Car-Sharing initiative helping you get to university open days. We match you together to drive or be driven to the same university on the same open day.