How to navigate a university fair?

Jul 22, 2017, by Jemma

University fairs are an excellent opportunity for you to meet university representatives, discuss degree programmes, entry requirements and university life. Your school will most likely organise fairs for you to attend with classmates, which are typically held at large venues with sometimes hundreds of universities in one room. Your school may even host groups of universities that come directly to see you!

The best thing is to do is to get as much information out of them as possible, the first impression you get will help you further down the line when you’re ready to apply. However where do you start when you’re face to face with over 100 universities in one room? How do you know where to begin?  Let’s look at some top tips for you to make the most of this opportunity.


  • The fair organiser will have an exhibitor list
    So you’ll be able to see who is going to be there before you arrive perfect for pre-planning and deciding who you want to speak to. Visit their websites, see if they’ve got the course you want to study and create a shortlist. 
  • Get a floor plan of the event
    If you’re going to a large event, it’s likely they’ll give you a map of the fair. Take some time to identify where your shortlisted universities are located and plan your route that will take you to the stands of all the universities on your list. If there is no map available, browse the room to locate the ones you’d like to see. You’ll see some impressive stands with photo booths, sports cars and competitions to pull in a crowd. Enjoy the experience and have fun! There is no reason why you can’t speak to them too!
  • Plan your questions
    We’ve covered this topic before and have created a handy question sheet. Pick and choose the most relevant questions you want answered on the day.
  • Be prepared to hand out your info
    Universities will want to stay in contact with you and it’s likely they’ll want to scan your barcode or jot down your email address. If you’ve got an embarrassing email address, create a new one which is suitable.
  • Bring a sturdy bag
    You’ll pick up brochures and prospectuses, pens, note books, teddy bears, luggage tags, keyrings, chocolate even virtual reality headsets! First impressions count and universities will want you to remember them beyond the event so you’ll easily pick up some great goodies.


So, there you have it, our top 5 tips to make the most of a university fair. It’ll be busy, you’ll find yourself repeating questions and you’ll probably have sore shoulders from all the freebies you’ll collect. But it’ll be a fun day and will leave you feeling excited about what the future holds!