One hour open day

Feb 16, 2018, by Jemma

You slept in, got stuck in traffic or you just don't want to spend another whole day at an open day. If you've got limited time, read on for our priority list of how you can get the most essential information from a university open day.


Get to the registration desk quick sharp!
The team on registration will check you in, they'll let you know of any last minute talks that might be applicable to you and hand you lots of reading material that you can read at a later date. Make sure you ask for:
  • Prospectus (brilliant for big picture info about the university)
  • Course flyer (if you want the nitty gritty detail about the degree you're interested in studying)
  • Accommodation brochure (you'll probably not have time to check it out)
  • Finance information (you could spend hours chatting to the finance team about how the numbers add up but there are plenty of other ways to get this info beyond an open day through phone or online chats)
  • Admissions information
  • Student support information
Speak to someone on the course you're interested in
This can be an academic to ask questions around the content of your course or a student who is living and breathing the programme. It's a chance for you to get a lot of interesting information that may not be available online or in a brochure.
Whizz round the campus/faculty building
It's likely you've missed the scheduled tours but there is no reason why you can't take a cheeky look around to get a feel for the place. If you decide to apply, you'll get the chance to go back and attend an 'applicant visit day' which will be a lot more focused on your course so you'll no doubt get a tour included in that.
If you've got parents, guardians, brothers, sisters, friends with you, spread out!
Send one to the finance desk and another to admissions, you'll get many more bases covered this way. 
The best bit about rocking up to an open day in the final hour is that it's normally very quiet, so you shouldn't face any queues or have any trouble speaking to someone. Of course there will be things you'll miss such as the welcome talks and various sessions that run throughout the day but remember universities host a number open days throughout the year, so if you're keen to discover more, we're sure they'd love to have you back!