Open Days aren't just for Saturday

Jul 23, 2018, by Jemma

OK so the majority of university open days are held on a Saturday, which can be incredibly frustrating when you work at the weekends and every single university you want to visit, hosts an open day on the same day... But believe it or not, some universities are hosting open days on other days of the week including a Friday or a Sunday (woo!)

Have a date in mind?

You can search by date on Speak to a Uni, so if you know a date you can definitely do, look it up and see what open days are happening. If your university of choice isn't hosting an open day when you're available, look at other types of events they're hosting, such as campus tours and online events

Applicant Taster Days

If you don't manage to get to an open day, you will have other opportunities to visit the campus through Applicant Taster Days. This come in all different shapes and sizes, you'll have the chance to meet your classmates and really get under the skin of the university. Once you apply, that's when you'll be invited to campus for an experience day which could consist of workshops or lectures, or you might be asked to showcase a portfolio or attend an interview. 

Still no luck?

If you're keen to visit before applying, get in touch with the university directly to see if they'll accommodate you at a time that suits you best. You may not have a full on open day experience, but you will get to step foot on campus and potentially even get shown around by a current student to show off some of the facilties and get some of your questions answered.


So first things first, let's find a date that works!