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Scholarships - Free Money?!

Aug 4, 2018, by Jemma

The first thing most people say when they hear the word scholarships is “sure, but am I clever enough to get one?” but we've got news for you! Scholarships are available for everyone, not just for the Junior Einsteins and the Hawking-level geniuses.


If there is one thing which has changed over the years, it's the way we fund education. Twenty years ago, UK university tuition fees were paid from general taxation, so you didn’t need to take out a student loan. In fact, there wasn’t even a Student Loans Company… Imagine that! Most students also got a maintenance grant (free money!) to pay for accommodation, books, food, and entertainment.

The landscape is very different now of course – it is predicted that students in England will graduate with debts worth over £50,000 – but there is still a lot of free money around.


GrantFairy, is a mobile app for students in the UK, which helps you find scholarships to pay your university tuition fees and reduce how much you borrow in student loans. The app draws from a huge database of scholarships, grants and bursaries, and it matches you with the ones you are eligible to apply for based on your individual circumstances.

And it’s not all about being smart: there are merit-based scholarships of course for academic achievement, but there is also free money available if you’re good at sport. Or if you play a musical instrument. If you sing in the choir. If one of your relatives works on the railways or in the army. There are even scholarships available for whacky things like designing a weapon to kill zombies (no, we're not kidding…) and a free-to-enter scholarship lottery which is worth a cool £20k on its own.

How Much Money?

Now we bet you're thinking how much can I get?! Good question!

In the past 5 months alone, GrantFairy has matched students with over £1 billion-worth of scholarship opportunities. That’s “billion with a B”. And research shows that students are typically eligible to apply for over £85,000-worth of scholarships… What would that do for your student loan balance?!

So what are you waiting for?

Simply download the free app. Have a play around with it and find out how much funding you’re eligible to apply for. You can get instant, unrestricted access for just £1/month using the “Summer Discount” promotion. There’s even a handy university guide if you’re still undecided about where you want to study.

The app is available on iOS, Android and as a WebApp:

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