Should I go to a University Open Day?

Nov 10, 2017, by Jemma

Your weekends are precious, you study all week, work on a Saturday and might be able to find some time to relax on Sunday inbetween homework and chores. So squeezing in some university open days too, we can imagine the thought has crossed your mind to skip the odd event. But will it ruin your chances of securing a place at university by not going to an open day? 


To put it simply, the answer is no. It will not ruin your chances of being offered a place at university. 


Ultimately open days are there to help you in a number of ways, allowing you to discover beyond the stuff you read on websites & in brochures. It sounds corny but you'll be able to really tune in to your feelings. How does it make you feel when you're on campus? Does it match up to your expectations? For those who are spoilt for choice and undecided about where you should go, university open days really do help with your gut feeling to decide if it's right for you.


Open Days are also great to meet people in person, we do so much online, over email and social media, that being able to talk to someone face to face can prompt you to ask many other questions you probably hadn't thought of. For those of you who want to study in another country and can't physically make it to an on campus event, make the most of opportunities to meet university reps when they are visiting your home country (you can search events by country on Speak to a Uni) to help you shortlist.


So kick back and relax on your weekends, if you want to skip an open day, you can, but we recommend to check when the next one is so you can attend when you're feeling more up to it.