What are University Applicant Taster Days?

Mar 15, 2019, by Jemma

University Applicant Taster Days or Offer Holder Days are for students who hold a place to study at university. We know what you're thinking... You've already attended an open day right? So why should you go? What will be different? Is it even worth it? 


What is the difference between an open day and an Applicant Taster/Offer Holder day?

An open day gives you broader context to the university, you'll check out the facilties, the catering areas and accommodation and get a genera idea if the university is right for you. An applicant/offer holder day gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into your course area. Maybe experience a workshop, a live lecture, meet your peers, spend more time with academics and chat to current students. The applicant/offer holder day will help you understand if the course is the right fit for you.

You might have an interview as part of the Applicant Taster/Offer Holder day...

To make the most use of your time, your course may require an interview and this will be integrated in your applicant taster/offer holder day. This allows academic staff to find out more about your motivation to study their programme and ensure you have the right level of enthusiasm to study it. This one on one time with the academic provides you with a great opportunity to ask any specific course related questions which you might not find online or in the prospectus!

An interview might sound daunting to some, so how should you prepare?

You've probably done much of the preparation already for when you applied for the programme. Review your personal statement and read up about the course in more detail. For more creative programmes, it's likely you'll need to bring your portfolio. Prepare yourself with a few questions for the academic, such as asking them about their own background and career path.

It costs quite a bit to travel to the university again, any tips on saving money?

Many universities offer a travel bursary scheme, drop them an email to see what they have on offer. Be warned, it's probably not going to cover all of your travel costs, but a contribution can't hurt! You've also got nifty little car share scheme such as Take Me 2 Uni!

Do I have to book?

Yes you'll need to book, but first you'll need to be invited. All booking details will be on the invitation that you've been sent.

Do I have to go?

The short answer is no. For some students, you might have applied to one university and you know exactly where you're heading so there is no need to be convinced any further. However if you're stuggling to decide between your university choices, it's probably the only way you're going to really nail the decision.


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