What to wear to a uni open day

Oct 28, 2018, by Jemma

Going to uni open days you'll be meeting academic staff, touring the campus with your peers and naturally you'll be wanting to leave a good impression. So if you're stuck wondering what the fashion etiquette is, check out our top 5 tips to help you dress for the occasion!


  • Wear comfy shoes

You're going to be clocking up A LOT of steps at an open day so it's essential you're wearing shoes that you feel comfortable in. If you think you can rock a sky high pair of heels all day - do it! There is no right or wrong look here - just think "can my feet cope all day in these?"

  • Keep the suit for a later stage of the process

You will likely meet some staff who will teach you at an open day but you are not being interviewed so a suit is probably not necessary at this stage. If wearing a suit is a normal everyday outfit for you and you feel comfortable in it, then you should absolutely wear it.

  • Keep it casual

We're talking jeans, trainers, hoodies, whatever your casual style, that's what you should wear. An open day isn't the type of event for partywear, so keep the black tie and ball gown at home.

  • Accessories

We live in the UK, this means pack an umbrella! An open day is going to happen come rain or shine... Snow could put a spanner in the works, but pack those hats, scarves, gloves, umbrellas and sunglasses so you're prepared for all weather fronts!

  • Dress for you

Whether you're punk, gothic or tomboy, you can ultimately wear what you like. There is no open day dresscode, it's about feeling comfortable. Open days are a stage in your research where you're in the driving seat, you're evaluating whether the university is right for you, so forget everything else and concentrate on what you want to get out of your university experience.


 So how many open days are you going to?