Our Partners

Working together to support students in finding the perfect university. 

Speak to a Uni believes in collaboration with purpose. We are proud to partner with organisations that provide genuine opportunities to students through their networks, products and services. Interested to partner? Get in touch to find out how you can play a part. Check out who we're partnering with:

Campus Society

Campus Society is the UK’s fastest growing student community where you  can meet your course mates, check out universities, and even access all your textbooks online.


takeme2uni is a free, voluntary Car-Sharing initiative helping you get to university Open days. We match you together to drive or be driven to the same university on the same open day. Visit our website at takeme2uni - it's free to sign-up, you’ve got nothing to lose. We help you make an educated decision on your university choices, after all, this is one of the biggest investments of your life, so why wouldn't you visit as many open days as possible?


GrantFairy is a mobile app which helps students find scholarships to pay university tuition fees. Scholarships are a vital life-line to many students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds – the fear of huge student loan debts puts many students off higher education. Scholarships are social mobility. Schools register can register for FREE here. 

The Access Platform

Providing technology which allows student ambassadors support the recruitment conversation by letting them do the talking. Prospective applicants can now engage with student ambassadors by asking questions, sending direct messages, and booking calls.