Russell Group University Open Days

Russell Group University Open Days

If you're keen to study at a Russell Group University, you'll be wanting to attend an open day to see if they're the right fit for you. Here you'll find all the Russell Group University open days.

First things first - what is a Russell Group University?

In short, they are a group of 24 UK universities that have a core focus on research. They receive a lot of money via research grants to conduct research on a huge range of topics. Some rankings focus on research output as a main measurement and you'll find these universities highly ranked. With high entry requirements and high rankings, they are percieved to be the best universities, however it's important to consider all rankings such as student experience and graduate employability outcomes to help you decide if it's the right institution for you.

So when are the open days?


University 2019 Dates 2020 Dates
University of Birmingham 14 Sept & 19 Oct  

University of Bristol

7 Sept 19, 20 June and 5 Sept
University of Cambridge   2 July and 3 July
Cardiff University 14 Sept & 26 Oct  
Durham University 20 & 21 Sept  
University of Edinburgh  21 Sept & 5 Oct  
University of Exeter  7 Sept & 19 Oct (main campus)  
University of Glasgow  4 Sept & 19 Oct  
Imperial College London  14 Sept  
King's College London 7 Sept  
University of Leeds 7 Sept & 5 Oct  
University of Liverpool 21 Sept & 19 Oct  
London School of Economics and Political Science    
University of Manchester 28 Sept & 12 Oct  
Newcastle University  14 Sept  
University of Nottingham 13 & 14 Sept  
University of Oxford 20 Sept  
Queen Mary University of London 5 Oct  
Queen's University Belfast 5, 6 & 7 Sept  
University of Sheffield 7 Sept & 19 Oct  
University of Southampton 7, 8 Sept & 12 Oct  
University College London 7 Sept  
University of Warwick 5 Oct & 19 Oct  
University of York 14 & 15 Sept